• 7/8/2013:

In the framework of Work Package 3 (Study of principal ecological effects of wind induced coastal upwelling in the eastern Aegean: high frequency experiments off the western Lesvos Island) and in particular within the Task 3.2 (Rapid Response Fieldwork at Upwelling region) a first sampling was performed before the onset of the Etesian winds at the coastal area west of Lesvos island (June 2013). Basic hydrological parameters were followed (temperature, salinity, mixed layer depth, stratification) and waters samples were collected for the analysis of nutrients, Chlorophyll a, and phytoplankton community structure. A similar sampling was performed during the period of Etesian winds (once the upwelling was established) in order to describe hydrographic parameters and the coastal ecosystem at the coastal area west of Sigri. In parallel to this, a drifting buoy was deployed (Fotos 1, 2) in order to monitor the course of upwelled surface waters within the central Aegean area.

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The monitoring of the track of the drifter was performed remotely by means of mobile telecommunications (see Figure) while the drifter was also followed by a sailing boat and water samples were collected at certain points along this track (Lagrangian experiment).


Drifter track 05 08 13 S2

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